Photo of Dorota Chapko

Biotechnology & medicine

Dorota Chapko

Creative mixed-methods researcher

Year Honored

Imperial College London


Dr Dorota Chapko is a creative mixed-methods researcher with a proven record of leading on health data science projects and digital products underpinned by ethical best practice and strong patient and user-led engagement internationally. She is Deputy Lead for Patient, Public, and Community Involvement at the School of Public Health, Imperial College London.

Dr Chapko applies her research towards improving and co-creating health opportunities of communities ‘whose voices are often not heard’ – on their own terms and in a way that is meaningful to them. Having respect for quantitative and qualitative research methods and tools (from pen and paper to big data), she was able to inclusively involve patients and the public as part of sophisticated data-driven studies.

The goal of Dr Chapko’s innovative research is to reduce health disparities globally – she aims to fix that by applying her expertise in participatory and community methods to perform research co-production while applying approaches from health education, communication, or human-computer interaction.

During the ‘Heart n Soul at The Hub’ residency at Wellcome Trust in London (2019-21), she led a team of artists and co-researchers with learning disabilities and autism to challenge public understanding of these conditions (Chapko et al. ACM CHI’20; DIS’21).

Dr Chapko earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Anthropology from MIT in 2012. She completed a PhD degree in Public Health at the University of Aberdeen in 2016.