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Biotechnology & medicine

Alaa Alahmadi

Innovating new AI-Based ECG monitoring technology.

Year Honored

Taibah University


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Saudi Arabia

Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Taibah University, Saudi Arabia & Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Manchester, United Kingdom, Alaa has been recognized for her PhD research into finding an easier way to monitor a symptomless heart condition which could save thousands of lives each year. It has its roots in the new field of Human-Like Computing (HLC) - using knowledge of human intelligence to advance machine intelligence, has been recognized with numerous accolades. The visualization technique was published in ACM CHI, the world’s top venue for Human-Computer Interaction research, where it received a review score of 4.5/5 placing it in the top ~1% (30/2958) of papers received that year, and was highly commended in the IET Healthcare Technology Awards 2020. The human-like AI was published by invitation in Human-Like Machine Intelligence – a prestigious publication that leads with a chapter from Stuart Russell, the 2021 BBC Reith Lecturer on ‘Living with Artificial Intelligence’ – and was the only Computer Science finalist in the STEM for Britain awards 2021. She also won multiple university awards, including the University of Manchester Outstanding Doctoral Paper in Computer Science (2019) and Outstanding Doctoral Thesis in Computer Science (Runner Up, 2022).