Photo of Jihyun Lee

Artificial intelligence & robotics

Jihyun Lee

Focusing on robotics based automation with applications to advanced manufacturing technologies.

Year Honored

University of Calgary


Automation, which allows for more efficient use of human resources, is critical for global manufacturing plants. The core technology for developing the automation platform is Mechatronics, which leverages integrated principles from the engineering and multi-disciplinary design space. Mechatronics systems include robots, semiconductor machines, CNC machines and so on. Dr. Jihyun Lee's research on mechatronics systems helps to make the automation platform smarter and more efficient. She is working to address several pressing issues confronting societies around the world, including rising global manufacturing competition, rising labour costs, rising and unpredictable technological growth, and inequitable distribution of this technology. Dr. Lee's innovations have been implemented in a wide range of industries, from traditional manufacturing to emergency medical settings.


Dr. Lee’s research focuses on robotics and AI-based automation with applications to advanced manufacturing technologies. She also works in sensor fusion, system’s fault detection and monitoring. Development of robot machining technology, cable-assisted-robotic system, AI-based identification method and sensory systems are her research achievements at the University of Calgary. Dr. Lee has been very successful in securing research funding to support her research infrastructure and activities. Her research has been funded by the Canadian government, provincial government, industries, Korean government, etc. She actively collaborates with colleagues within the Department, the School, and the University, as well as industry partners. Especially, Dr. Lee has closely worked with small-medium companies to revitalize digital manufacturing. Dr. Lee has collaborated with advanced manufacturing companies to develop an automation platform with robots and AI-based vision for a certain manufacturing process. Her research output includes many peer-reviewed journal papers and conference papers. She has the experience to transfer technology to machine tool companies as well. Her potential and achievements have been recognized with several awards.


It is also worth noting that her collaboration with doctoral fellows on the development of a differential multi-ventilator system has generated positive outcomes and was featured by CBC News.


She has been awarded the Anna Boyksen Fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Study at the Technical University of Munich to enable her to lead the development of strategies to foster female talent in the German and Canadian manufacturing sectors.