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Artificial intelligence & robotics

Hyunsoo Kim

Lowering the barriers to entry for developing production-grade AI.

Year Honored

Superb AI


It is without doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is set to transform the world. It is being integrated and deployed across sectors to empower companies and human beings to innovate and transform. With an academic background in Deep Learning and Robotics and a career as a Machine Learning Engineer, Hyunsoo (Hyun) understood the underlying need for a smarter and more automated way to deliver high quality training data. This is why he co-founded Superb AI, a startup on a mission to democratize AI by lowering the barriers of entry for developing production-grade AI, providing the most complete and advanced machine learning data management platform in the industry: Superb AI Suite.

The Suite provides automated tools for labeling image and video data up to 10 times faster than conventional manual processes, and also helps machine learning teams manage and analyze training data efficiently. Superb AI, also a graduate of Y Combinator, the most prestigious startup accelerator in the world, pledges to become the go-to productivity tool for all machine learning and data teams, empowering businesses across sectors at different stages of machine learning development to fully capitalize on AI and allowing them to explore new frontiers.

The company has had noteworthy milestones since incorporation in 2018. Growing rapidly, doubling sales for three consecuctive years and successfully closing its $9.3M Series A funding earlier this year. Hyun was at the forefront of operations resulting in being selected as the featured honoree for the Enterprise Technology category of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2020.  Hyun is hopeful that companies could present disruptive and innovative solutions to the world's biggest challenges, using Superb AI Suite.