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Energy & sustainability

Haytham Dbouk

Developed revolutionary green energy systems to improve the efficiency and reliability of various sectors

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Innovating Green Technology (I.G.T)


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Haytham is the founder & CEO of IGT. IGT develops revolutionary green energy systems that improve the efficiency and reliability of various sectors. IGT has several products and services including:

- PRO-Shield: the first solution to the worldwide overheating problem faced by solar water heaters. PRO-Shield is a smart shield mounted on a solar water heater regardless of size, type, or brand. It is a milestone in solar water heater efficiency and operational reliability.

- Solar heated poultry houses: an innovative heating plan for poultry, where solar water heaters are used as an alternative green energy source; considering that the solar system can provide the required temperature for the various poultry growth stages.

- Solar based greywater treatment: an innovative system that transforms greywater into water safe for irrigation. This system is sustainable and relies on photovoltaic cells that use the available solar radiation to power the system and fulfill the heating needs for the disinfection part of the system.