Photo of Daniel Schulz


Daniel Schulz

Research Fellow, HafenCity University Hamburg/ City Science Lab, Germany

Year Honored

City Science Lab


Daniel Schulz studied architecture with a focus on urban planning at the TU Berlin, where he was already working on participation and digitalization, developing digital tools for planning, urban research, and stakeholder management. Since 2015, he also worked as a web developer and media designer with his own company. At City Science Lab, he has been working on the development of GIS-based planning and collaboration tools such as the Cockpit Urban Infrastructures (CoSI) since 2019 and on the further development of Hamburg’s urban data ecosystem as part of the UrbanDataHub (UDH). 

The project CoSI (Cockpit for Social Infrastructures) is about dealing with the development of a technology and tool for different stakeholders in the co-production of cities. This is a dynamic and socially relevant field. Digital tools for urban co-production are being developed and increasingly used worldwide, which makes critical and informed development of these processes very important. Daniel Schulz’s Ph.D. is dedicated to the further development of CoSI as a component of digital urban twins. In the coming years, exciting innovative solutions can be expected here. In March 2022, CoSI was extended for a 3rd development phase.